I Finished Three At Least…


For some reason watching a member of the 1% fly around on his private jet, ride in a Maybach (or was that a Rolls Royce?), go back to a row house that costs millions to sit around with a wife that says stuff like “only two million” with his two kids of privilege and grandkids, then go off to be with his mistress before killing her when he falls asleep at the wheel….really couldn’t keep my attention at all.

These DVDs (‘John Carter’, ‘Dark Shadows’ and ‘The Cabin in the Woods’) are due today. Still. I left this movie paused at 24:55 into it’s running time in my MacBook since yesterday. As I ate a bagel, I played it long enough to watch the accident but not long enough to watch him put her in the driver’s seat and try to get along with the high stakes fraud he is trying to perpetrate.  

I guess a story of the 1% getting his was the sell and I was ready to buy. Now…no so much at all. After seen so little of the movie, I won’t even give it a letter grade…just an incomplete.

 5/20/13 9:51 AM


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